The Benefits of Having a Spiritual Family

I have been attending a Catholic prayer meeting called The Feast since 2013. This religious sect offers a traditional Catholic mass followed by a talk. They can talk anything under the sun, whether it’s Family relationships, Social Media, even financial stability and how will that help you become a great follower of Christ. I am having a great time attending these sessions as I feel His presence. But just recently, I heard him telling me that it’s time to be a blessing to others. He called me to serve Him.

I did not volunteer to be part of the traditional Sunday Mass. Instead, I joined a team that works behind the scenes. The Visual Ministry is the one responsible to provide excellent visuals to flash the song lyrics and the speakers’ talk. This is not a usual role in a church, but as long as I do it for God’s purpose, it feels right. As time goes by, I meet people who venture the same path as I am, and I am considering them as my spiritual family.

They are also hungry for God’s blessings and miracles.

I joined The Feast because I desperately need God’s mercy. I have been part of a family with broken relationships and unfortunately, I had to live alone and support myself. I had to stay strong and I needed someone to be my solid rock. That’s him. As I meet people from the church, I realized that I am not just the only one who’s seeking for His love. We all needed him. We’ve been through different trials and because we understand each other’s problems and struggles, we learned how we needed each other to get through life. There might be some wishes or problems that were not solved directly by God, but He sent these people that may help me overcome my worries. It feels great to meet people who can join your struggling journey.

They are the best persons to help you meet the Lord even more. 

Admit it – People are too busy to discuss the power Bible, the journey of Jesus, and how life becomes greater when we follow Jesus. Outside the church, we become busy to solve problems at work, at school, or even at finances. Having a spiritual family are made to help us understand more about our religion as well as how it helps us with our daily lives. You might not know each other personally, or you work in different industries, or you might have different skill sets and talents, but you understand each other when it comes to God’s love. They will help you understand Bible and why it is important. When you work together, you not only bless each other but eventually, you will become a blessing to other people. It makes easier people believe that God exists when you work with people with the same desire. You became the Lord’s living proof.

They are the best prayer warriors.

Prayers do not change the Lord. Prayers change us. When we pray, we open ourselves even more with possibilities – when God grants our desires and prepares us to receive bigger things, or when God denies our wishes and prepares us to wait for better things.

Prayers allow us to have a great connection with the Lord. However, having a spiritual family makes it more powerful. These people are always ready to listen without any judgments. Believe me when I say that, they also experienced times when nobody listens to them. They know how it feels to be misunderstood. They will feel you. they will help you. Most important of all, they will join you with your prayers.

It feels great to have a family in Christ. It gives me confidence that there are other people who understand me. And at the same time, I learn from their experiences and wisdom. What a blessing from the Lord!

A spiritual family is not limited to strangers or anyone who is at your local church. Anyone you think might help you develop your relationship with Christ will be helpful, whether it’s a family member in blood such as your sister, or even a workmate or schoolmate.

In case you have not found your spiritual family, you may join us at The Feast and discover people who are also hungry for Christ’s love.